Solidtext Translation is an established language service provider recognized by our local and international clients for its top performance in translation/localization quality, timely delivery and unparalleled client support services. We can handle several major European languages and Eastern Asian languages and deliver the top quality translation results in Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese.

Strategically based in the Western High-Tech District in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province in southwest part of China, Solidtext prides itself on being a truly leading language vendor for local governmental bodies, commercial organizations, high-tech companies and multi-national giants.

Our competitive advantages are built on our un-compromised commitment to delivering consistent quality jobs and supporting our clients with marvelous professional services.

SolidText Values its most essential asset of a group of top-notch translators who are proficient in both their mother tongues and the foreign language they translate from.

Excellent linguist skills are still not sufficient for one to join into SolidText translators team – each of the translators must have his/her specializations in certain fields. This, with our elaborately designed QA process, guarantees all of our translation outputs are not only “lingually perfect”, but also well relevant to their technical field.

We at SolidText are ready to hear from you regarding your translation/localization needs!